CAP 30 - Part 14 - Item Name Poll 2

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Cursed Ink
Ink Vial
Ink Bottle
Noxious Ink
Corrupt Vial
Mystery Ink
Insidious Ink
Vile Vial
Venom Vial

Scholar's Bane
Noxious Ink
Vile Vial
Corrupt Vial
Venom Vial
Cursed Ink
Mystery Ink
Insidious Ink

I mainly just wanted to put the nondescript names on the bottom. The more I look at the plain names, the more I think they're regular items and not the key-like items the CAP 30 hold item should be.
CAP 30 - Part 14 - Item Name Poll 2

Ballots: 61
Preferences: 406
Defeat by: Winning votes
Tiebreaker: Borda Count

[Pair#01] Vile Vial (35—16) Venom Vial
[Pair#02] Vile Vial (35—17) Corrupt Vial
[Pair#03] Insidious Ink (34—10) Venom Vial
[Pair#04] Vile Vial (34—17) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#05] Vile Vial (33—16) Noxious Ink
[Pair#06] Vile Vial (33—17) Ink Bottle
[Pair#07] Vile Vial (33—19) Ink Vial
[Pair#08] Insidious Ink (31—14) Corrupt Vial
[Pair#09] Mystery Ink (31—16) Corrupt Vial
[Pair#10] Vile Vial (31—19) Inkwell
[Pair#11] Vile Vial (31—20) Cursed Ink
[Pair#12] Vile Vial (31—20) Mystery Ink
[Pair#13] Mystery Ink (30—14) Venom Vial
[Pair#14] Insidious Ink (30—15) Cursed Ink
[Pair#15] Insidious Ink (30—16) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#16] Insidious Ink (30—18) Ink Vial
[Pair#17] Vile Vial (30—20) Insidious Ink
[Pair#18] Insidious Ink (29—13) Noxious Ink
[Pair#19] Mystery Ink (29—15) Inkwell
[Pair#20] Mystery Ink (29—16) Ink Bottle
[Pair#21] Mystery Ink (29—16) Ink Vial
[Pair#22] Mystery Ink (29—19) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#23] Inkwell (28—15) Venom Vial
[Pair#24] Ink Bottle (28—17) Venom Vial
[Pair#25] Mystery Ink (27—16) Noxious Ink
[Pair#26] Insidious Ink (27—18) Inkwell
[Pair#27] Insidious Ink (27—21) Ink Bottle
[Pair#28] Ink Bottle (27—22) Corrupt Vial
[Pair#29] Mystery Ink (26—17) Cursed Ink
[Pair#30] Ink Bottle (26—20) Noxious Ink
[Pair#31] Scholar's Bane (26—20) Venom Vial
[Pair#32] Ink Vial (26—21) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#33] Scholar's Bane (26—22) Corrupt Vial
[Pair#34] Noxious Ink (25—14) Venom Vial
[Pair#35] Cursed Ink (25—15) Venom Vial
[Pair#36] Cursed Ink (25—16) Corrupt Vial
[Pair#37] Inkwell (25—16) Ink Vial
[Pair#38] Ink Bottle (25—19) Ink Vial
[Pair#39] Noxious Ink (25—20) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#40] Cursed Ink (25—21) Ink Bottle
[Pair#41] Corrupt Vial (25—22) Ink Vial  ——> CANCELLED (cycle)
[Pair#42] Cursed Ink (25—22) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#43] Cursed Ink (24—17) Noxious Ink
[Pair#44] Ink Vial (24—20) Venom Vial
[Pair#45] Inkwell (24—23) Scholar's Bane
[Pair#46] Ink Bottle (24—24) Scholar's Bane  ——> CANCELLED (tie)
[Pair#47] Ink Vial (23—21) Cursed Ink  ——> CANCELLED (cycle)
[Pair#48] Corrupt Vial (23—23) Inkwell  ——> CANCELLED (tie)
[Pair#49] Ink Vial (23—23) Noxious Ink  ——> CANCELLED (tie)
[Pair#50] Insidious Ink (23—23) Mystery Ink  ——> CANCELLED (tie)
[Pair#51] Corrupt Vial (22—17) Venom Vial
[Pair#52] Ink Bottle (22—20) Inkwell
[Pair#53] Inkwell (22—20) Noxious Ink
[Pair#54] Cursed Ink (22—21) Inkwell
[Pair#55] Noxious Ink (21—20) Corrupt Vial

The top voting cycle is Vile Vial.

Vile Vial > [InsidiousInk][MysteryInk][CursedInk][Inkwell][InkVial][InkBottle][NoxiousInk][ScholarsBane][CorruptVial][VenomVial]
Insidious Ink > [InkBottle][Inkwell][NoxiousInk][InkVial][ScholarsBane][CursedInk][CorruptVial][VenomVial]
Mystery Ink > [CursedInk][NoxiousInk][ScholarsBane][InkVial][InkBottle][Inkwell][VenomVial][CorruptVial]
Cursed Ink > [Inkwell][NoxiousInk][ScholarsBane][InkBottle][CorruptVial][VenomVial]
Ink Bottle > [Inkwell][InkVial][NoxiousInk][CorruptVial][VenomVial]
Inkwell > [NoxiousInk][ScholarsBane][InkVial][VenomVial]
Ink Vial > [VenomVial][ScholarsBane]
Noxious Ink > [CorruptVial][ScholarsBane][VenomVial]
Scholar's Bane > [CorruptVial][VenomVial]
Corrupt Vial > [VenomVial]
Venom Vial > []

[Tiebreak#1] InsidiousInk=281 > MysteryInk=273
[Tiebreak#2] InkVial=206 > NoxiousInk=196

 1. Vile Vial
 2. Insidious Ink
 3. Mystery Ink
 4. Cursed Ink
 5. Ink Bottle
 6. Inkwell
 7. Ink Vial
 8. Noxious Ink
 9. Scholar's Bane
10. Corrupt Vial
11. Venom Vial
Top 3 will advance to the next poll!
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